October 31, 2014

Don’t let this weasel eat all the candy and drink all the whiskey. Happy Halloween from the Monty Crew!candy-monterey

Creamed Leeks

October 30, 2014

creamed-leeksCreamed leeks cherry stone clams gnocchi pickled pears and crispy sunchokes

Roasted pork shoulder

October 29, 2014

roasted-pork-montereyRoasted pork shoulder and five condiments tonight at el Monty! Come hang out with us and check out some new beers this week: El Dorado Double IPA from Ballast Point and Weizen Bam Farmhouse Wheat from Jolly Pumpkin to name a few, hooray beer!

Drink beer. Live longer.

Drink beer. Live longer.


Off-menu tonight: NY Strip

October 17, 2014

ny-strip-montereyOff-menu tonight: seared NY strip, farro risotto, charred brussels sprouts, XO sauce.

Littleneck Clams

October 16, 2014

littleneck-clamsOff-menu extravaganza tonight! Littleneck clams & pork drippings w/ peaches & crispy brussel sprout leaves. Also, bacon rillette w/ crispy sweetbreads, cauliflower puree & pickled pears. The patio couldn’t be more gorgeous!

Bacon Rillette

October 10, 2014

bacon-rilletteOff-menu tonight: bacon rillette, whipped pork fat, egg yolk, yuzu vinegar. Also, crispy pork belly, tomatillo and chili salsa, watercress.

Crispy Pork Belly

October 9, 2014

pork-bellyOff-menu tonight: crispy pork belly rillette, pear and berry jam, Bakery Lorraine toast.

Chinon Coming Soon

October 8, 2014

chinon-montereyComing soon… Very, very soon. 🙂


October 5, 2014

breakfast-montereyNew on the brunch menu this week: veal sweetbreads, waffles, barbeque maple syrup. Brunch!!